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Voyage Power Partners LLC has been helping businesses increase energy efficiency for over 20 years and is an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau. Our suite of energy conservation products allows you to conservatively reduce your electric bills by one-third. These products are a one-time installation that provides lasting protection for your equipment and energy consumption through the life of the equipment. Energy savings begin immediately upon installation. Contact us to provide a cost estimate for your facility.  For a comprehensive presentation of our services please click on the link below.

VPP Energy Savings Presentation

Our HVAC solutions include the ChemSonic Catalyst and the SonicWave Clean. The ChemSonic Catalyst reduces energy consumption by as much as 30% and the SonicWave Clean reduces energy consumption by an average of 16.5%-23% in HVAC systems. Combined we have seen savings as much as 40% or more. Savings vary across systems.

Utilization of our HVAC solutions will not interfere with system warranties per the Magnussen-Moss Act (15USC ss230).

Our premier transient voltage suppression product is the Celec Capacitor, with product availability to service residential through large commercial applications. The Celec Capacitor reduces the current on the main line while also suppressing surges from transient voltage. Experience direct energy savings (16-20%+) in addition to savings on equipment repairs. We also have the Stedi-Power TVSS System which will sacrifice itself in the event of a 6,000-volt surge and comes with a 15-year warranty and a 5-year $1,000,000 connected equipment warranty.



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