HVAC Solutions

ChemSonic is a synthetic catalyst technology that helps HVAC/refrigeration systems operate more efficiently. When HVAC systems operate closer to their design potential they operate less and use less energy to achieve the desired set point.

ChemSonic is a fifth-generation catalyst that has been proven to reduce energy consumption of HVAC systems by as much as 30%. ChemSonic reduces HVAC operating time and thus reduces energy consumption. Three components work together to create a reaction that no one product can achieve. ChemSonic may be operated indefinitely with NO detrimental impact on the mechanical integrity of any part of the refrigeration system.

  • The first catalyst breaks the surface tension forces between the oil molecules that are attached to the piping and coils/evaporators. This breaks up the oil fouling, reduces sludge particles in the filter and returns the oil back to the compressor. This allows the system to return close to original design efficiency.
  • The second catalyst reduces the boiling point of the liquid allowing the refrigerant to release energy faster delivering cooler air more quickly which in turn reduces run time.
  • The third component is a lubricity agent that increases the lubricity of the compressor oil by up to 56% (Intertek Laboratory report). This reduces the operating temperature of the compressor as well as the sound created by the system.

ROI 500% | Payback 12 Cooling Months | Full Money Back Guarantee

SonicWave Clean reduces energy consumption by an average of 16-23% in HVAC systems by reducing the back pressure in the liquid live filter/drier. The savings begin immediately upon installation.

SonicWave Clean is an electronic device that conducts sonic and ultrasonic waves into the filter/drier used in HVAC systems. This reduces RFD refrigerant flow resistance and the energy required to move the refrigerant through the refrigeration circuit.

These sonic waves loosen and remove sludge from the filter screens which reduces restrictions in the cells of the screens which in turn reduces the energy needed to keep the refrigerant flowing. SonicWave Clean has been developed to address problems associated with the liquid line filter/drier found in most air conditioning, heat pumps and general refrigeration systems.

The use of SonicWave Clean eliminates the need to change the filter/drier after installing the ChemSonic Catalyst.

Sonicwave Clean is not designed to eliminate the need for changing a failed filter.