Testimonials and Case Studies


  • The units installed several years ago have delivered as promised. The utility bill immediately dropped by 10%. Long term, the HVAC systems have experienced fewer mechanical problems and the electronics such as computers, monitors, and audio equipment have had no electrical failures during bad weather or construction. The results were impressive enough to have the units installed on my house as well as my parents.”- Greg Sanders / Owner-Bikram Yoga


  • Out here in the country we often have overvoltage situations due to lightning strikes or electrical surges. Your suppressors have worked successfully in limiting damage to equipment down line and in one instance of a lightning strike. The units have paid for themselves already.” – Doug McClain Director of Operations/Sky Ranch


  • This is the first time a product I was sold exceeded the sales pitch. We have had nearly an 11% decrease in electric costs and almost no phase 3 electric motor problems since the installation.” – Gary Varner / VP/Fiberco Inc.


  • Thank you for the recommendation of your product for our shop. We immediately noticed a decrease in our kilowatt usage and the product has alleviated problems experienced in the past; decreasing the replacement of light bulbs. The StediPower TVSS System has exceeded our expectations of the product and we would recommend this product to anyone wanting to save money and reduce their maintenance repairs.” – John Selah – Owner/Garbo Salons 


  • “The Stedi-Power units installed at our plant in Greenville, TX have saved us many thousands of dollars in our maintenance expenses.” – Michael Knight – Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co./President


  • McDonald’s Australia conducted a 5 year study on 6 locations to test energy efficiency products. After the study was completed, McDonald’s Australia recognized ChemSonic® as a recipient of their “Global Best of Green” for 2012. ChemSonic® demonstrated an average energy efficiency increase of 20% for the duration of the 5 year study.


  • “I want to thank you on behalf of 7-11 Inc, for the improvement that your ChemSonic Technology™, LLC has given the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in our CDC combined distribution center warehouses. From the initial installation in the Lewisville, Texas CDC which has showed a reduction in electricity cost of 23.6%.” – 7-Eleven Corporation


  • “I want to send you a letter and thank your company for introducing us to your product ChemSonic®. We saw the results from your data logging that showed a 38% increase in efficiency but the true results have been felt by the cooler kitchen and lower electric bills.” – Pinal Sitaram, Owner / Buffalo Wild Wings


  • “….we installed ChemSonic® in our Trane HVAC roof top package units (1 thru 16A) a total of 17 units at our main warehouse facility in Ft. Worth TX. Prior to installation of ChemSonic® we were frequently replacing compressors annually per unit. However, since installing ChemSonic® the need to replace compressors have been greatly reduced, and maintenance cost have been significantly reduced also. The ChemSonic® saves on the life of compressors, run hours plus additional savings on power usage per unit.” – Ben E. Keith Corp