Transient Voltage Suppression Solutions

The Celec Capacitor is our premier transient voltage suppression solution offering the most efficient power saving solutions. The Celec Capacitor provides surge suppression for transient voltages and reduces your electric bills an average of 16-20%.

We have solutions to meet all energy needs from residential single-phase up to large commercial applications. Fourteen different models are available. We can survey your system and determine the capacitor that will best meet your energy needs.

Your Celec Capacitor will…

  • Reduce your electric bills (16-20% on average)
  • Improve in-line voltage by reducing the current on the main line
  • Increase the life of your equipment by filtering the voltage
  • Remove power factor penalties and demand charges

Monitor your savings when you purchase a capacitor with a digital display.

Include the StediPower TVSS System with the installation and enjoy the security of a 15-year warranty and a 5-year $1,000,000 connected equipment warranty.

The Stedi-Power TVSS System will sacrifice itself in the event of a 6,000 volt surge/lightening strike. For a nominal fee you can have increased assurance of protection for your equipment.

Download our Voyage Power Partners Celec Brochure with the link below

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